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my birthday is in 35 days :)))) how much do you want to bet that no one will say happy birthday? I bet $100. Anyways I’m getting a tattoo, couldn’t be more excited! 

09-30 / 8:04

"I have a bit in my act that sorta makes fun of Justin Beiber and these other young pop stars, its a song that mocks how those songs are written, and I sorta imply that he’s working for Satan or whatever."

-Bo Burnham, Repeat Stuff [x]


Parker Cannon | The Story So Far


Panic! At The Disco by Winnie Surya on Flickr.


Passionate intensity, 
It’s a complicated fusion.
We are catapulted toward death.
The mystique I adore is the beating heart of those who share my life.
This is their legacy, in obscene glances, laced in silver.
I like writing. I do this to amuse myself.
It’s my life and I only get one go round.
This was the result. Like life, it’s tentative, fragile, and halting.
And these are the gorgeous memories. And welcome home.

-Jeff “Critter” Newell, the fifth member of Angels and Airwaves
The tour is over, I've survived
I can't wait till I get home
To pass the time in my room alone


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