Thanks Bo :)

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Please help me! (Part 1)

so here are some pics/gifs of videos i’m looking for, so if you know where i can find any of them pls message me here or submit me the link here

thank you!


all my friends are in bar bands by the wonder years

not my picture, just my edit


omg mom it’s JUST METH calm down


Famous Viners?


Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous - Promo

semi-queer: "Oh my god Bo Burnham is amazing! What's your favourite song of his? I am in love with From God's Perspective oh my"

I love Bo so much he means the world to me <3 My favorite song is probably either oh bo or hell of a ride :) All of his songs are amazing so it’s hard to pick lol 

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simplyblink: "i love you"

<3<3<3 aw thank you

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